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cubase plugins/ protools plugins?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Question by Dfsh E: cubase plugins/ protools plugins?
can i use cubase and/or nuendo plugins for protools?

if not where can i get protools plugins??? how much will they cost

Best answer:

Answer by CanadaRAM
ProTool LE and ProTools MPowered use RTAS plug ins
Cubase and Nuendo use VST plug ins.

FXExpansion software can let VST plug ins work with ProTools 6 and above

Many companies produce RTAS plug ins, the price varies.

Home Recording Connection
Music Radar Forums
Shareware Music Machine
Computer Music magazine comes with a suite of freeware tools on the cover DVD

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Cubase 4 Tutorial: Surround Sound Production

Monday, April 4th, 2011

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Cubase 5 – Parametric EQ

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Berkleemusic’s instructor Ross Ramsey gives a demo of using parametric EQ on a mix done in Cubase 5.
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6to Tutorial de Cubase 5 en Español, Edición Audio y Fundidos Automáticos

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Entrar en para más videotutoriales y cursos de produccion musical en español totalmente gratis o si quereis asistir a alguno de nuestros cursos presenciales!. Este es el Sexto tutorial básico de cubase 5, En este videotutorial voy a tratar – Ajuste del parámetro de cuantización para la edición de audio, su importancia. – Abreviaturas de teclado para las diferentes herramientas, cortar, copiar, pegar…(no explique el de duplicar que es ctrl+dy la pista se duplicada empezará justo cuando acabe la anterior, es una herramienta muy útil). – Como copiar y pegar correctamente, técnicas para retocar tomas y crear una toma buena con varias tomas no tan buenas. – Explicación para configurar los fundidos automáticos y porque son tan importantes para eliminar los clics de audio al terminar o empezar una pista. Cualquier duda que tengáis podeis preguntarla en el foro de nuestra web y si queréis pedir un tutorial también podéis hacerlo en el foro de producción en la sección correspondiente. No dejéis de visitar también nuestro estudio de grabación Un Saludo!
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which is the fastest way of exporting a reason project on to cubase?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Question by rafyr86: which is the fastest way of exporting a reason project on to cubase?
i ussually export from reason and then import to cubase but thats time consuming. I hear that there is a way to bounce the reason project to cubase.

Best answer:

Answer by zeusflick
rewiring, I thought…

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What is your favourite DAW (cubase, logic or ProTools) and why?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Question by Nathan Hall: What is your favourite DAW (cubase, logic or ProTools) and why?
I’m doing a comparitive study for my BTEC ND3 music technology: sound engineering course and want to know which DAW out of cubase, logic and ProTools are most preferred, and why they’re deemed to be the best for different practical purposes.
Cubase is great for home recording, logic is great for producing loop based material and ProTools is a favourite for professional studios. Can anyone help and give me useful input on this topic?

Best answer:

Answer by Jason P
Adobe Audition. Combination of ease of use, flexibility, plugins. We used to use Steinberg Nuendo and we aren’t looking back. Commercial radio production going on here.

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Q&A: Can i record vocal tracks on cubase studio using a Guitar Hero 4 Mic?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Question by Tom: Can i record vocal tracks on cubase studio using a Guitar Hero 4 Mic?

As me and my friend are doing some songs for our band we did the guitar recording on a phone and uploaded onto cubase. It wasnt to bad of quality either.

We tried doing vocals on a phone and it was terrible. If i plugged the Guitar hero mic into my computer would this record vocals and if so how do you record it ?

Many Thanks


Best answer:

Answer by Techgique
Tom, if you aren’t using an audio interface with Cubase, you can probably stick with the phone recording. For a good recording you want to be using ASIO. This is a standard developed by the makers of Cubase that is an efficient way of processing sound in the digital world. Using the on-board sound card won’t give you good results and more often than not, the results will latent and not in time with the rest of the song. Provided this would even work, you would have to select the input in Cubase to be the sound card that you are using (usually input 1). If this isn’t an option, then you definitely need ASIO. The problem is that the sound card has specific inputs that is will see. If the mic is not it’s own interface (meaning that it is selectable by itself in Cubase) then typically, the interface simply won’t see the mic.

If you really are in a band that wants to record some music, get an interface and a mic. These two things alone will improve and simplify the recording process so that you aren’t hoping for something to work.

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ψοʋρ Αβσεησε ισ κιλλιηϒ Με (composed with CUBASE)

Monday, March 7th, 2011

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Track making by CUBASE AI4 inclued MOTIFXS and FREE SOFTWEAR MOTIFXS Editor ヤマハモチーフXSと同梱ソフトCUBASE AI4 そして フリーダウンロードソフト MOTIFXS Editor を使った曲製作 トラックメイキングからマスタリングまで
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Neutron – Preview New Track – Hardstyle Cubase

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Wow, It’s been so long since I did something in cubase/FL I kinda lost the patience with it, but now I’m back and I’m not using FL anymore, I’m using cubase 5, Own made sounds the kick is done by me aswell and I’m back with a preview of the upcoming track, hope you enjoy and comment and subscribe tune in for more Cheers
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I have a Lexicon Omega and edit my music with Cubase LE 4 how do I get my music from my computer onto a cd?

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Question by Tito: I have a Lexicon Omega and edit my music with Cubase LE 4 how do I get my music from my computer onto a cd?
With both the hardware (Lexicon Omega) and the software (Cubase LE 4) how do I get my music from my computer onto a cd or even a shareable mp3 file?

Best answer:

Answer by Eric P
I use fruity loops, but I would think it would be somewhat the same in terms of having a save option that you save to a certain destination, but when saving use the extension .wma I think, it that doesnt work try some other common extensions like .mp3 or something, anyway you should be able to save it and then burn it onto a cd using the cd burning wizard from windows.

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