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Cubase 5.5: Instrument Track vs Midi track

Written by Admin on November 15th, 2010

A common question is when to use Instrument Tracks and when to use a Midi Track connected to a VST in the Device Rack? This video explains the key differences.

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  1. MeatyVision says:

    you can also use grooveagent as an instrument track and have multiple instances of grooveagent on separate instrument tracks.
    this will still give you separate outputs for each drum sound and is handy if you want to use the quickcontrols section to automate parameters of the drum sounds.

  2. barzoman2 says:

    This version OF cubase is full of bugs and problems I got my version 2weeks AGO and it is a nightmare DAW

  3. Eclipsepoland says:

    ohh… 5.5 ok nevermind about my question

  4. iggyk23 says:

    hy.when I make entire beat in one instance of battery and send each sound to its own channel,how do I then automate the volume of just one of those samples,i.e. closed hihat going down in volume when kick or ohh kicks in and up when there is nothing else interfering…thank you

  5. cinemats says:

    …when I’m using Cubase I loose all other sound when I’m for example want to hear something on Spotify or use YouTube. Is there a way to fix this?

  6. cinemats says:

    How does Chorder work? I can’t get it to work.

  7. ILmsCJ says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. Very helpful.

  8. Duoggle says:

    Great tute MP. I am assuming from what you have said that I could include instrument tracks (done in Halion 1) into an Export Audio Mixdown file because the instrument tracks are midi in audio out. Am I correct?
    If I normally do my drum tracks as midi (drum editor) which I then record to audio would I be better off inputing them into an instrument track (still using the drum editor)? I will check out your beatmaker tutes. Would love a tute on instrument tracks. Cheers, Doug

  9. Thorgue says:

    Thanks a lot. Clear explination.

  10. musicprotutorials says:

    @Westy196740 – just go to preferences > appearance > General – then you can choose your own colour from a mixture of all three sliders.

  11. Westy196740 says:

    OK how do you change the colour scheme please?

  12. musicprotutorials says:

    @kb1629 – it would be an oversight of SB if this were the case but it’s not. You CAN route an instrument track to a bus – just not from the inspector. Make sure you can see the routing section of the mixer and set the output to your chosen group there.. make sure you create the group channel track first though ;)

  13. kb1629 says:

    @musicprotutorials I meant that you can’t route it to busses, which is very limiting to say the least.

  14. musicprotutorials says:

    @kb1629 – for devices that don’t need multiple outs though it’s perfect.. much more efficient. You don’t need multple outputs on a piano..

  15. kb1629 says:

    It’s a real pity that you can’t route instruments tracks. That’s why I really don’t use them at all.

  16. gdub12345 says:

    Cool vid, very informative.

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