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Soniccouture IDM Drums Tutorial 1-1

Written by Admin on April 7th, 2010

Soniccouture show you how to glitch up your beats using the Konkrete 2 sample library.

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  1. Jerdna3 says:

    He sounds so much like Richmond from the IT crowd. “Do I amaze you?”

    Nice tutorial though.

  2. DaNorthernLight says:

    This tutorial is good for teaching one how to program rhythm… but you are better off harvesting your own selections of single-hits and pre-made samples. Otherwise, you’ll sound like every other Kontact user out there.

  3. kickofighto says:

    @BioQuartz I feel I must mention that those comments were posted while I was in the middle of a rant/temper tantrum about knobs on another forum.

  4. kickofighto says:

    No I won’t;far too slow.I’m of the opinion that knobs aren’t the best way to represent control on screen.If you have a nice midi controller then sure, that works.Knobs are good for real life, tactile input. Numbers,sliders and XY controllers work better on screen for me.That said, I am a picky anus and I doubt most people will agree. Most people are used to crappy knobs from VSTs anyway. I just think a screen is a powerful tool capable of much more than people generally use them for.

  5. BioQuartz says:

    Well then, unfortunately you’ll have to manipulate said knobs with your mouse then.

  6. neolojism says:

    lolz @ idm sounds!

    You too can sound 10 years out of date.

  7. pcpaulius says:

    it’s cubase 3
    having in mind what Kraftwerk made ” Tour De France Soundtracks” on it, you can achieve anything with it

  8. kickofighto says:

    Too poor my friend, too poor.

  9. BioQuartz says:

    That’s why you buy hardware to control said knobs with.

  10. kickofighto says:

    Yet another, don’t PAY! PlAY little dureds!

  11. kickofighto says:

    Another thing… MYO

  12. kickofighto says:

    AAAAhhhh. Knobs… on a screen! on a screen?

  13. badderthanevil says:

    Anyone know which version of Cubase is being used here? I want to get an older version, say Cubase 3, but not sure if it will achieve these kind of sounds…

  14. dhatudharma says:


  15. larn555 says:

    pardon him

  16. Garfler says:

    prolly 500-3000 dollas depending on how many plugins and shit that u have.

  17. mezcalineboy says:

    haha hilarius comment voxeleater… XD

  18. okidot says:


  19. tunnelofgoats says:

    you can do some fun stuff with dblue glitch if you assign everything to a midi controller

  20. spuddeer60606 says:

    8:50 sounds like a fart

  21. PrivateBuckwheat says:

    Looks like fun. How much does all of this software cost?

  22. Daddysmonsters says:

    What do you mean finally a tutorial video? this is right on soniccoutures website and is hardly a tutorial more of a vid to sell Konkrete 2′s features to you. This is just some kits and KSP scripts so yes it works on windows as well as mac. The only thing that is nice in this release is the ksp glitch all of the samples are balls but good for people who don’t create their own samples.

  23. GuerrillaVirus says:

    very cool video – very valuble

  24. TheDjRealm says:

    Lol, he was using Cubase, see it in the background?!?!

    yes kontakt is a VST/AU

    VST/AU’s work in many DAW’s.

  25. voxeleater says:

    Yeah if you’re lazy as fucking hell

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