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Digitech RP255

Written by Admin on March 28th, 2010 – The digitech RP-255 Modeling Guitar Processor features a 20 second looper and 94 amp, cabinet and effect models. Add USB streaming audio and Cubase LE4 software and you realize the digitech RP-255 Modeling Guitar Processor is an amazing tool.

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  1. GigoTheDoctor says:

    Nope .. but the usb cable is ~1.5 euro : )

  2. blackbird144000 says:

    Im wondering if you can plug a mic through it for when you record to your computer?

  3. sergiudrummer says:


  4. physcosykes says:

    does it come with the usb cable?

  5. alamat33 says:

    oh nevermind its listed above…sorry

  6. skilopit says:

    niiiiiiiiice !!

  7. alamat33 says:

    anyone know how to find or set up the “Edge” setting on this?

  8. theorangesquid says:

    yes yes you can its compatible with all amps….

  9. LittleRoCK181 says:

    im going to buy this but im wondering if i can plug it into my cube 15x amp ?!?!?! plz help …..

  10. FreaquedeMusique says:

    yup definitely!!

  11. xXCrAzY72oo3Xx1 says:

    its more leaning on the recording side… but you can try it!

  12. SilverPingvinen says:

    is this good for live playing? my band has no realy big gigs mostly small clubs will it work?

  13. vicgarcia30 says:

    is this any good for heavy shit like death ,trash and heavy metal ?

  14. Sk8er667 says:

    Hmm do you think this pedal would be good enough to be used for live gigs ? I’m talking about small club gigs with like 40-50 people, thinking about running my Ibanez RG321 MH though it and straight out into the mixer ? What do you think about it ?

  15. Raven7b says:

    really awesome pedal! but wtf! u can’t use harmonizer and flanger together! anyway, really worth buying

  16. MrJackanthony says:

    Id buy it just for the whammy and wah but does this thing have a harmonizer?

  17. rmpktwin1 says:

    does the song he made sound like a runescape song? someone reply

  18. MASSRCOR says:

    this pedal really kicks ASS!!! you can get virtually any sound you want out of it, and its so easy to use too… buying this pedal was one of the best things ive done for my guitar playing

  19. MASSRCOR says:

    @MileswillDo yes it goes 1 and 2 octaves up, and 1, 2 and 3 octaves down (dive bomb) and lots of other pitch effects

  20. MASSRCOR says:

    usb style “B”.

  21. live2rock4u says:

    $ 149.00

  22. ShortYute says:

    hey @ProGuitarShopDemos , y dont u make a review for the rp355, im thinkin about getting it but im not sure

  23. koztah says:

    A standard non-mini USB cable, the kind you’d use on a printer, will work.

  24. toastytoast3919 says:

    i got it 2 dayz ago and i luv it, i can’t find what USB cable to put in to the computer. Any help would be appreciated

  25. LP30STM says:


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