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Cubase 5 Beatmaking with Groove Agent One and Beat Designer

Written by Admin on March 18th, 2010

Making a house beat from a breakbeat using two great new tools in Cubase 5

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  1. celinemanga says:

    hi, i have a question. when i use the beatdesigner it plays me the full song with it, how can i mark just a part of the song putting the beatdesigner in it?

  2. celinemanga says:

    hi, i have a question. when i make the beatdesigner it plays me all the part of the song, how can i get just one part putting the beatdesigner?

  3. melnorm says:

    Looks like they re-invented the Fasttracker.

    Cutting samples from audio a loop and rearranging them is an ancient method.
    People used to do it even with Amiga 500.

    It’s very frustrating for a sequencer application to implement this feature at it’s 5th version.

  4. MrRobertkajtazi says:

    what is the best cubase ?

  5. InsanePlayer says:

    If you mean the Transport panel its probably because you have dragged it out of your screen, so it’s activated but ‘outside’ your actual screen.
    Or you just have it deactivated, in that case go to;
    Transport > Transport Panel

  6. DJJohnson31 says:

    Hello i have Cubase 5 and i’ve got a problem !
    My bottom taskbar has gone ! Pls help me to make it coming back!!


  7. vxnice says:

    hay any one know where i can get more synth for cubase5 there is only like 53 i can find in cubase5 cause there not that good, where can i get some more thanks for the help :)

  8. miekmuse1exploit says:

    idiot fl studio this shit program cubase the best program in the world

  9. xboris11 says:

    fl studio is much better!

  10. Monficat says:

    Thanks , you just literally changed my world!

  11. DJKSWISHA says:

    meh i despise reason

  12. dragonfist87 says:

    Sad.. you don’t even learn how to use it before u try to do something..
    Nothing will be that simple.. For a powerful software like this.. u just gonna take it like Office XP? .. take ur time read HELP or Tutorial videos if u are first time user to music-producing softwares.

  13. BESI1980 says:

    Thank you for your reply, but the problem is not ”the way how to reach there”. I know how to go there, but the problem is that when I double click on the track, nothing will happen; also if I go to Midi> Open eky Editor, it only shows as shadowed, or grey (if I may say so). That means that Key Editor is not activated. I also open different instruments and plugins in different tracks and THEN try to click on Open Key Editor, but it won’t open. DEACTIVATED !!! Thanks to anyone’s help.

  14. grimandbilly005 says:

    No this program doesn’t suck. This is the first good program I’ve used and I’ve used fruity loops, Acid pro, Sonar, Garage band(Another good one) and then this

  15. wethepeoplebike says:

    Midi>Open Key Editor, or just dubbel click on the track…

  16. RaVe4EvR122 says:


  17. prettygirl5572 says:

    Reason 4.0 is really good, and very easy to use

  18. BESI1980 says:

    Idon’t have much experience in Cubase, I am a new user, and this software is professional too, but it is the MOST COMPLICATED software, terribly difficult to use. I’ve been trying for 1 hour now to find and open Piano roll, and yet I can’t find it.

    This program Cubase 5 … SUCKSSSSS!!!

  19. creativityhails says:

    I have Cubase 5. I am almost familiar with Groove Agent and Beat Designer. But I don’t know how to create variations in the beats in the Beat Designer. If I click the icon in the Beat Designer I am able to use only the main drum pattern and I am unable to give variations even after I compose the variations in Beats. How do I change the beats with beat designer with the Groove Agent one on? I am forced to open a new track to give the variations and if I do that the tone of the drums changes.

  20. ScrewFearMe says:

    okay so i said im running Cubase 5 in Windows 7 ..but i have one problem…i cant connect my keyboard to the program…i have the keyboard connected to the pc but not the program itself…i can do that to Frooty Loops but not this program…. why? i have a Yamaha PSR-E413

  21. ScrewFearMe says:

    im running it on windows 7

  22. RafaelZeljka says:

    People i got a problem with my Cubase.. maybe someone can help me…
    everytime i use key editor when i press the botons it should make some sound but in mine doesnt make any sound bout i can see that´╗┐ the soundbar is movieng.
    can someone help me please!!!

  23. Benthaitakeaway says:

    cubase looks soo amazing but it is like 650 bux!!
    i am using garageband which isnt too bad but its very limited.
    can anyone tell me music making programs that are as good as cubase for mac but dont cost an arm and 2 legs?

  24. bijouxbijouxbijoux says:


    top left corner of the window, “show inspector ” button normally..

  25. mordsgaudimachen says:

    I had a question for all you Experts out there! I got Cubase 5 and whenever I add midi inserts, I can never get back to the original window on the left to rout my midi to outboard synths! How do I get back to that original window? SOS!!!

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