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cubase plugins/ protools plugins?

Written by Admin on May 2nd, 2011

Question by Dfsh E: cubase plugins/ protools plugins?
can i use cubase and/or nuendo plugins for protools?

if not where can i get protools plugins??? how much will they cost

Best answer:

Answer by CanadaRAM
ProTool LE and ProTools MPowered use RTAS plug ins
Cubase and Nuendo use VST plug ins.

FXExpansion software can let VST plug ins work with ProTools 6 and above

Many companies produce RTAS plug ins, the price varies.

Home Recording Connection
Music Radar Forums
Shareware Music Machine
Computer Music magazine comes with a suite of freeware tools on the cover DVD

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MdL Productions SegaGenesis #3

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Super Street Fighter II : New Challengers Ken Stage Played by Osman Cenan CIGIL Backing track by CAPCOM!

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